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Charge Your Car branding


Charge Your Car is a back office provider delivering various access methods for EV drivers and data gathering for charge point owners. CYC operates by providing a single national charge point management system for the growing network of EV charge points located all over the UK.

Charge Your Car approached us to create a strong identity and to facilitate the front end deliverables of their operation.


  • Design a clean, simple and visually strong logotype
  • Develop a consistent identity across all internally and externally branded collateral
  • Generate a fluid and intuitive online experience via a website that’s able to integrate with pre-existing, (live status) charge point management system software
  • Create a full collection of icons that indicate charger status

Elektromotive / Elektrobay branding


A UK based provider of leading edge technology and engineering solutions. Primarily renowned for the design and manufacture of charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as overseeing full installation in homes, workplaces, public on-street and commercial car parks.

From start-up, Elektromotive approached us to partner them in articulating their products and brand to future early adopters.


  • Develop a consistent identity across all internally and externally branded collateral including a comprehensive digital brand guidelines document
  • Deliver continued creative marketing support and trusted brand guardianship
  • Design and build a simple yet engaging website that also serves as a one-stop information hub
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